About the A.R.K



Addiction can be like looking into the darkness with no hope. We believe everyone struggling with addiction deserves the best help from people who love them and want to help!



Recovery begins with a change of mind that leads to a change of direction in ones life. This is also called "Repentance' and is the first step towards salvation!



We believe that when a person in recovery is partnered up with a Godly Church, who is dedicated to their recovery, that they will be accepted and treated as family and the chance of relapse will be greatly reduced!

THe Ark Recovery program

The ARK Recovery Program

The ARK Recovery Program started a few years ago when God was showing me what the word Equip really meant. The Word "Equip" actually means to "mend or to set in place in order to be used again." That is our focus for the people we like to refer to as "Warriors". They are in a fight for their lives everyday and the ones who never quit will one day achieve a life of sobriety and will be used once again but this time, for God's Glory!

We believe that a Warrior who is showing commitment to living sober can be partnered up with a local Bible Believing Church, with someone who is committed to loving them and helping them along their new identity journey, can achieve a new identity in a relationship with Jesus Christ and live a productive life of Sobriety. Our Recovery program consists of  26 weeks, 2 lessons per week which is 52 lessons. The lessons are broken down into the 3 Foundational Steps of Admission, Commission and Submission. We believe that once a person completes these lessons will by then have learned enough, been held accountable and will have established new relationships within the Church body, that they can then be considered as family, thus the Kinship phase of the Program. The scope of the program is to move the Warriors from Addiction to Recovery to Kinship and thereby reducing the opportunity for relapse to a minimal chance. Our lessons are based in the Word of God and therefore are "useful for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be thoroughly adequate, equipped for every good work." (II Timothy 3:16-17)

But we need you to help! We need you to care enough about these Warriors that you will get involved at your church and include this program and also with your finances. Please see our section "Partner with us to Help" on this web page! I want to thank each of you in advance for your partnership in God's plan for recovery through Equip Ministries, Inc.