About Us


In the Schools

85% of all addicts become addicted before the age of 18! This is why we focus our efforts of prevention in middle and high schools. We teach students how to recognize the earliest signs of temptation and educate them on how to make the best decisions to abstain. There is power is in prevention!


In the Churches

We know our best opportunity for prevention is in educating the parents, who are the biggest influences in their children's lives. We speak in churches, where parents may attend, to motivate them to become difference makers in their homes, thereby making differences in the lives of their students. We also speak at any youth events such as Disciple Now's or camps. 


In the Public

Each year, I speak in public arenas where people from all walks of life may hear a message of hope and promise. Hurting parents, addicted adults, common people and those who are already entangled in an addicted situation. We also attend Outdoor Shows and give away hundreds of copies of God's Word...the best gift we can ever give!